Food Waste Essay

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Imagine a piece of land around 24 times the size of California dedicated to farm crops and food. Now imagine all those food being thrown away and not eaten by people who are too full to care about the people going hungry every day. Not only does society ignore the problem of food waste, it constantly contributes to it. According to an article, “Curbing Food Waste Is Good for Business, the Environment, and Society”, 2.5 billion acres of land used for farming to grow food are wasted every year (Lewis). Now think about the amount of food 18,000 times the weight of the Eiffel tower or about 1.3 billion tons, gone with every 1 out of 9 people facing starvation. Where does all the food go? Unfortunately, instead in hungry stomachs, it goes into our landfills, which then produces methane contributing to the uprising issue of global warming (Dana). United States citizens need to reduce the amount of food waste by educating younger children to prevent poor habits and charge customers based on the amount of food wasted. Why do we waste food in the first place? In an article by Tamar Haspel called, “It's time to embrace the freezer, and what's in it”, she exemplified that one easy way to reduce waste is to “rethink the word fresh”. This quote means that people’s obsession with the word “fresh” correlating the phrase with tasty or wholesome, causes more food being thrown away. While it is true that everyone prefers fresh-harvest or fresh-caught produce like fish or vegetables over
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