Food Waste In Food

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There is a lot of food waste going on around us. Most of it goes to waste right under our noses from super markets and farms. In this paper I will go over how much the USA (United States of America) waste in food vs how much the UK (United Kingdom) wastes, how we can fix our waste habits, the impact on us/ cost of the waste, and how to make people aware of the waste that is going on. The UK wastes a total of “14.3 million tons of food per year” (Yeung) which makes you wonder how much does the USA waste? We know that Europe wastes a lot of food but how much does the USA waste? “Well the USA waste about 60 million tons per year” (Chandler) Now that is equal to about “165 billion dollars per year” (Reuters) and that’s a lot of money to waste on food when we can use it for other things. But with the UK wasting almost a fourth of what the USA is wasting which is sad because in “Europe the UK is the highest country to waste food” (Yeung). So, the USA waste 4 times that of the UK which is a lot of food and that food ends up in garbage dumps where it will rot or get eaten by scavengers. The only positive to that is that we are feeding wild animals that are smart enough to get into a garbage dump. Now why does this food get put into dumps? Well its simple and that is its reaching the best by date or looks unappealing to display. The USA needs to reduce the amount of food it is wasting because that food is putting a negative effect on the environment and is taking up space. Now there

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