Food, Water, Shelter, Clothes, And So On. These Are The

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Food, water, shelter, clothes, and so on. These are the few necessities that an individual needs to survive. However, most of these things do not come for free. In many places, in order to obtain these items in exchange for currency. In contemporary society, one must give up their time and effort to obtain a wage that will aid them in procuring the necessary means of survival. Although, earning a wage in exchange for labour did not start off that way with my family. In fact, from generation to generation, the types of employment my family occupied has shifted in each generation as well as indicated the rise of several social changes. The roots of my family commences in the Philippines, specifically, in a northern region called…show more content…
Interestingly, a manghihilot does not earn a daily wage nor charge their clients out of fear that they’re healing powers would be less potent (Stuart Jr., 2003). Instead, payment is done on a voluntary basis and differ from one person to another (Stuart Jr., 2003). For instance, some people choose to donate money while others offer things like food and cigarettes (Start Jr., 2003). Although this did not provide a stable means of obtaining subsistence, my grandfather also was a skilled fisherman. This allowed this part of my family to be able to put food on the table. Meanwhile, his wife, Faustina Torres was a housewife until 1950, when she passed away a few days after my father, Raymundo Torres, was born. My father immigrated to Canada in 1985. He worked for a company known as the Seafarer’s International Union. An organization that delivers cargoes in different parts of the world including, Europe, Asia, South America, and so forth. He worked for this organization until 1998, before being diagnosed with cancer and passing away in 1999, leaving a wife and two children behind. The death of my father lead my mom to work during the weekend as a housecleaner to provide extra income. Currently, I reside with my mother and my brother. My mother still works a full time job at Peerless Clothing Inc., and my brother is a recent Concordia University graduate, working for Royal Bank Canada as a customer service representative. As for me, I am

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