Essay on Food Web Case Study

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Option 1: Food Webs Case Study Explain the theory in your own words based on the case study and suggested readings. A food web is a type of graph that depicts the relationship between the prey and the predators, also known as a system of food chains and how one another are related. This can be better explained as a connection in a community. Food webs are important because it is a direct illustration of the relationships among certain species within a certain community. Right away the graph will reveal the type of species, what they interact with, the structure in which the environment they are located, and show the relations between each species. Because it is called a food web, the name has already shown that the relationship…show more content…
Plants are also in need of resources (, 2014). Although their needs will differ from most animals, they are constantly in need of oxygen during daylight hours. Oxygen for plants is a source of nutrients and energy that allow them to grow and thrive. Resources that animals compete for (, 2014) 1. Food 2. Water 3. Space 4. The opportunity to mate Resources that plants compete for (, 2014) 1. The food that animals waste 2. Some plants are pollinated by animals 3. Water, Light, Minerals Food Webs Source web is a type of food web in which one or more types of prey are eaten by their predators and so forth up the food web. A community web will reveal a connection of who eats who. Energy flow web is a type of food web that will depict the energy amongst the consumer of the energy, and the source in which the energy is coming from. A Sink web is a type of web that illustrates this prey eating another prey, and this prey eating the next prey, and the next prey eating the next prey. Paleecological web will visualize the ecosystem showing pictures that depict all the way back to fossil. A functional web will resemble in look to that of the community web. It will show the relations between connections of predator/prey, energy flows, the smaller food web within the web, and a predictable pattern for what type of species need what types of food and natural
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