Food and Beverage

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In this assignment, the main concerns would be analysed utilising the information provided in this case study and help identify various possibilities, which affected the inaccurate accounting figures. A critical evaluation of the current procedures would be carried out, as these procedures in terms of purchasing, receiving, storing and production would be suggested to the general manager. Likewise, appropriate and professional recommendations would be provided to improve the difficult situation that the management is facing.
As mentioned by Lockwood, Alcott and Pentelidis (2008) “The food and beverage operations largely follow a basic input, process, output model.” This model consists of the following steps in
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Storing of food and beverage

Once the receiving party has properly accepted the delivered food products, the next step in control of food costs is the storing of those items. The primary reason of storing for any food and beverage operation is to have satisfactory supply of products on hand to service guests whom are our main concern in this sector and also to prevent goods from being stolen and damaged.

According to Hampton and Shettleworth (1996) “The objective of a food store is to ensure that an adequate supply of foods for the immediate needs of the establishment are available at all times. Further supported by Feinstein and Stefanelli (2005) “The basic goal of storage management is to prevent loss of merchandise that is cause by theft, pilferage and spoilage. Foods when being accepted at the receiving department are divided into perishables and non-perishables item and these two items must be stored separately to avoid harmful effects to the food. The perishables items must go straight to the refrigerator or cold rooms inside the kitchen

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