Food in Literature: a Book Review on Charlie and the Chocolate Factor

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Food in Literature: A Book Review on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 1.0 Introduction Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1964) is a children’s novel by the famous author Roald Dahl. As the name of the novel suggests, chocolate is the food theme running through the plot of the novel. The purpose of this paper is to give a review of the book, with emphasis on the relevance of chocolate to the social environment and the story development. This paper will also include a technical and historical review of chocolate, and also address some of the more specific issues relating to chocolate in light of Dahl’s novel. 2.0 Plot Summary Mr. Willy Wonka is the eccentric owner of the greatest chocolate factory in the world. Following a…show more content…
His inspiration can be traced back to as early as 1929, when he and his classmates occasionally tasted-tested chocolates for the gourmet chocolate company Cadbury. Dahl realised that companies like Cadbury had inventing rooms where experiments on creating new chocolates took place, and he imagined that they would be like a laboratories full of scientists with white coats concocting chocolates and candies. He dreamt of becoming an inventor and to create chocolates that would excite even Mr. Cadbury himself. As he wrote in his autobiography, “I have no doubt at all that, 35 years later … I remembered those little cardboard boxes and the newly invented chocolates inside them, and I began to write a book called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Therefore, one can readily identify parallels in Dahl’s novel to the real world, and it is interesting to appreciate the relevance of the chocolate theme in the story development to the social context. How far does the abovementioned frenzy for chocolates in the story reflect reality? Although in the real world, it is unlikely that there would be a furious search for a golden ticket in order to visit a chocolate factory, it is fair to say that ‘the chocolate craze has now escalated to a global scale’. Today, the chocolate industry has grown to a worldwide industry exceeding $50 billion in retail sales worldwide, and continues to show healthy growth. In 2001 Americans consumed 3 billion pounds of

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