Foods Based On An 1800 Calorie Diet

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How well did you meet your individual food recommendations?
My personal recommendations for foods based on an 1800 calorie diet were based on the food group of fruit, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy products. These groups, they had a certain amount of ingestion for each one.
The goal of eating the fruit food group was to consume an approximate 1 1/2 cups. Carry out this goal, consuming more fruits as snacks or during my breakfasts, replacing it with other foods. Compliance with this food group was satisfactory since it consumed varied and good fruits of flavor where it could vary them in the meals. In many cases, the limit of the amount of intake was passed, consuming fruits that contained a higher level of sugar and
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What did you notice about your eating habits, times you ate, food choices, when you ate the most calories, etc?
My eating habits had a change. During the week, I met targets for balanced nutrition and calories. I was monitoring every intake of all foods consumed, where I had to keep a check to consider the amount of portion, and to choose better types of food, to achieve the diet based on 1800 calories. As a result, I reduced high sugar snacks that I regularly consumed after meals, such as cookies, chocolates, or some desserts that contained a lot of flour and sugar. Choose the consumption of fruit or bars with fruit derivatives or granola.

To this, it had an exact count on the limit of the amount recommended to ingest. Change the routine of eating these foods, choose to consume only one snack per day. As a result, I take to the routine change, looking for an activity to realize to avoid the consumption of these foods that are extras and to conclude that usually the consumerism of foods like chocolates, or bread, is by nerves or boredom.
Vegetables is an important food for the consumption of vitamins. Analyzing the recommended amount that is adequate, it includes vegetable salads of the ones that are more to my liking, to my food plates. Regarding my breakfast and lunch items, look at how many calories and fats food contained. It decreases the amount of portion per food,
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