Foolish Characters of Tales of Wonder from Many Wonders Essay

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Some people behave foolishly on a sporadic basis; other is consistently foolish in society. The societal problem is also a dominant feature of stories for children. In Tales of Wonder from Many Lands there are many foolish characters that are deficient in judgment, good sense, or intelligence. How can the foolish characters in Tales of Wonder from Many Lands be classified? The foolish characters in this text can be classified according to their lack of knowledge or lack of ability to use knowledge to good effect. Three Groups of foolish characters includes characters who act possessive, gullible and short sighted. The first group of foolish characters in Tales of Wonder from Many Lands consists of those who are possessive. Foolish…show more content…
The Rabbits decided the killing should stop one rabbit asked for pity with a plan to lure the Lion to a deep well where he thought another rabbit was waiting there to challenge him, but instead he leaped to his doom in to the well and the animals including the rabbits became free. Another example of gullible characters can be found in “The Warrior Maiden” the Mingoes tortured Aliquioiso because she would not show them where the people were hiding, but she was able to continue the pain to carry out the plan to destroy the Mingoes by saying a specific phrase so that her people could attack. The third group of foolish characters Tales of Wonder from Many Lands consists of those who are short sighted. Foolish characters in this group do not think ahead, they lack foresight. They seem to be impulsive and lazy with their activities. For instance in “The Frogs and the well” the second frog was impulsive and lacked foresight. He looked down the well and decided to jump in and settle down not knowing what could happen or if he would be able to get out. If the well dried up like the marsh the frog wouldn’t be able to get out. Another example can be found in “The Ant and the Grasshopper” The grasshopper in the tale hopped about singing and chirping instead of gathering food for the winter as the ant did. When winter can the Grasshopper had no food and found itself dying of hunger
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