Foolproof Tactics

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Wow, that assembly was extremely interesting. I felt so inspired by their sleep inducing speeches and extremely confident stutter. The people I’m talking about, is of course the idiots who think they can win the nomination for Board of trustees(B.O.T). School politics are so easy to manipulate, for even the stupidest people. Here are some foolproof tactics to win at school politics. Firstly and probably most importantly, before I say this I must stress not to skip this step, is to volunteer for the position. This might seem extremely for the average reader but it is possible and armed with these foolproof tactics there is no way you could ever lose.

A key to success is a good appearance. A good appearance has very specific circumstances. These
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False promises are key to getting your audience to vote for you. Claim you want do the best for everyone but in reality it is all about you winning. One great example is to attempt to promise the ability for people to leave school during lunch. This is excellent because it is what the people want but obviously there is no way the republicans will let anything through the senate. The hype train is important for people to win you would want the to be derailed. This can be done by focusing upon the young and naive as the will are likely to believe whatever you say so add a few hype men to their ranks and easy votes are gained.The plan would influence them to want to vote for as it seems popular. Quantity not quality of vote matters. On that note it is important you stand fresh and trendy, try something like this, check my lit instagram for some fire photos or damn (somebody's name, don’t actually say somebody's name use the name of the person ur trying to target) back at it again with the dank memes. This makes seem like an ordinary peasent but in reality they are nothing to you.

Looking through these ideas I have seen a clear victor this year with his false promises, riding the hype train with his fancy slogans and his fake recommendations. For his trickery and underhand tactics he deserves an applause for his ideas, I can still hear yes for
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