Foot Binding in China

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In all societies, it was very common to have unequal treatment to men and women with the justification being the gender. This shaped the attitude and behavior of people. This commonly occurred to values, norms, customs, and laws in all societies. In the traditional Chinese society, it was very common for the bride to obey her parent-in-laws, do housework, and have a low social status within and outside of the household. Ancient China based its livelihood off of Confucian principles. Confucian principles act as a guide for the people to live and behave according to. Confucian principles included relationships such as the relationship of the emperor to his subjects, a father to a son, elder brother to younger brother, husband to wife, and friend to friend. Traditional China functions on these principles to guide the peoples’ lives. Women living in a Confucian society played a limited gender role. Confucian principles were instilled very deeply into the Chinese society; it was practice throughout Chinese history. Some practices of Confucianism are practiced to this day. Women did not share the same privileges as men in a traditional Confucian society because their role was to be the house wife that society shaped them into. The family structure in China resembles the family structure of agricultural civilizations. It accentuates the importance of unity and strength of the husband and the father in the family. Confucianism, although a religion/philosophy that beholds many
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