Football And Aristotle 's Philosophy Of Friendship

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Friendships are a main aspect of what we seek for in life, for Aristotle says that “without friends, no one would choose to live,” (Football and Aristotle 's Philosophy of Friendship, Pg 32). Through excerpts from Gallagher’s “Football and Aristotle 's Philosophy of Friendship”, McMahon’s “Seinfeld Subjectivity, and Sartre,” Condella’s “Why can’t we be virtual friends,” and finally Thalos’ “Why I am not a friend,” we can determine the reasons why we hold friendships so dearly to us. In Gallagher’s essay, he reveals Aristotle’s view that friendship is separated into three types, and what we get from these types of friendships. While in McMahon’s essay we will see the hidden connotations of the show “Seinfeld,” as well as Philosopher Sartre’s view of how friendships play a huge role in forming our identity. Then going into Condella and Thalos’ essay’s, we step back to take a look at if quality friendships can be built on Facebook or if we need “face to face,” interactions. Lastly we can see many examples in Reiner’s movie of different kinds of friendships and how they affect us. In Gallagher’s essay “Football and Aristotle 's Philosophy of Friendship,” he explains philosopher Aristotle’s conclusion that “friendship is based on utility, pleasure, a shared commitment to a good, or some combination of the three,” (Pg33). First, what Aristotle means by a friendship based on Utility is that the two people consisted in the friendship will gain something from it. I see this in

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