Football And Football

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I do not think football has become an essential lens for American history, culture, or society. I do not think football has been around, and popular that long for it to have a tremendous impact, however I do think that it did have a big impact not an essential one. An abundant amount recent history was affected football, and football has affected it. This is especially true in recent history I will do my best to explain below.
When we look at American history we see who won the battles, and what sides won wars, and see all of the big things, but the small things we do not see. Sports or football in this case helps us see just that. Football helped us see the culture of people the way people interacted with people, and see why they did what they did it gives us their rationale in situations throughout American history. Football also allowed us to overcome obstacles we might not have overcome as quickly such as high tensions in race relations in the 1960’s. Football made integration in schools in the long run better by the relationships players, and coaches had to develop in order to succeed, and after they forged these forced relationships they became real friends, like in Remember the titans with Gary, and Julius. Football also helps us see the past from other people’s perspective. My Grandpa was a head coach for a long time he is now retired, but he was a head coach during the late 60’s early 70’s and he told me a story of how they had one African American player on their
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