Football And Hockey : Mental Health

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Football and Hockey: Mental Health In America, people are so concerned for the mental health of their football players, that other sports, like hockey, go unchecked in the mental health department. The idea that one physical sport is more dangerous than another is not something that people should humor. Every physical activity has a level of danger. Ignoring the possibility of injury in one sport while bringing to light injuries of another is misleading and causes a lack of concern in the sport that is being hidden. The sports organizations involved should not be ignoring the issues, sweeping the concern of others away as if shooing at a fly. Something needs to be done about the ignorance of the people. Something needs to be started so that both sports have the chance to make their games safer and better for every single person that decides to follow their dreams of playing in either the NFL or NHL. The NFL (National Football League) is considered the most popular sports league in North America. Every year, millions of people tune in to watch their favorite teams win or lose games. With American football being the number one sport in North America, the focus of the people, and their concern for other human beings, mainly falls on the players of said sport. Football is known for contact. In football, the entire idea of the sport is to hit someone, or tackle them, to the ground so that they will not get near their scoring zone. This amount of physical contact is

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