Football Discursive Essay

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Higher Folio – Discursive Essay- Jamie Smith
The sport with the Midas touch

Will football one day be played with balls made from gold? At its current rate, anything could happen, but it would have to have a few brand logos stapled to it first.

Advertising is a huge part of today’s society and today, we are engulfed by a cosmetic world of advertising, playing with our opinions like a child with their toys on Christmas; they can make us think how they want us to think. Now this world has taken over the Beautiful Game too and it’s going full speed to the centre of it. In stadiums, advertising boards surround the pitch, using bright animations to get crowd’s attention; while on TV screens, companies have huge sponsorships with the major competitions like major bank Barclays partnership with England’s Premier League that lasted fifteen years up until the current season. Naming rights, like the Emirates F.A Cup, a historic 100-year-old trophy, now named after an Asian airline company create this image of history being taken over by commercialism, a metaphor for the new football.

Stadiums to Parks; Arenas to Lanes; Coliseums to Fields. A football team is associated with their home. It’s where the fans pile in week in week out, friends and families alike. It’s where they live their Saturday afternoons and where they worship their heroes on the pitch. It’s a social hub and a sanctuary. But where is the Kia nightclub or the Betfred Mosque. With almost half the stadiums in the
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