Football Games And Its Impact On College Football Essay

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Introduction Collegiate athletics have long played an integral role in higher education in the United States. The popularity of collegiate football in America is unprecedented. “The fan frenzy surrounding teams, games, and the sport itself, is borderline barmy. Aptly described as the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, fan emotions in college football are rampant” (Moore, B., 2010). Football programs are able to generate a great deal of revenue through gate receipts (Groza, M. D., 2010). Football game day attendance is also an excellent proxy for other revenues such apparel sales and concessions. “The ‘major’ programs in college football play in the automatic qualifier (AQ in NCAA Football jargon) conferences: The Southeastern Conference (SEC), PAC 10 (Pacific 10) (now PAC 12), Big 10, Big 12 and Associated Catholic Colleges (ACC).” (Paul, R., Humphreys, B. R., & Weinbach, A., 2012). These five conferences are popularly referred to as the power five. Most top football programs in the power five conferences have a huge fan following and have high game day attendance. However in the smaller, non-AQ, conferences there is a wide variation in game day attendance on a regular basis. This is because of the quality of the teams, market characteristics, and size of the stadium (Paul, R., Humphreys, B. R., & Weinbach, A., 2012). According to Tim Padgett and Shane Hunt, the winning percentage may have a big influence in game day attendance, but the athletic

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