Football Helmets

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The guest speaker for class was Mack Farag the equipment manager for the football team. Mack was the manager of McMinnville high school for 12 years before he came to Linfield. His job consist of make sure the team has properly fitted equipment from helmets to leg pads. He is also in charge of all the balls, radio equipment and uniforms.
We learned about how football pads have changed over time to be smaller and comfortable for the athlete. Mack also talked about the difference in pads for each position. Running backs, running quarterbacks and offensive linemen need more padding on their legs because they tend to get hit more there. Recivers need less shoulder padding because they don’t do a lot of hitting and they need to be able to catch the ball. Defensive linemen was less pads, so people can’t grab onto them
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There has been an increase in concussion research which has changed how helmets are designed. Despite improvements in helmet design over the years, traumatic brain injury cases (TBI) from heavy contact sports have increased drastically. Our football team cares a number of different helmets that are at the top of the research in protecting the athletes head. We carry the Riddell speed, flex and Schutt vengeance, Xenith X2E. These helmets are rated as the top four in safety. The speed, flex and vengeance are the most used by our football team. Not as many people on the team like the Xenith because it hard to get it to fit just right. Mack said the Xenith is the safest helmet because it suspends the head but is very hard to adjust but you never have to readjust it.
The information Mack gave us was very important to athletic training because in the near future we may need to fit athletes in a high school setting. Talking about helmets was also very beneficial because of all the changes made over the years. It is important for us to keep up with changes in research and
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