Football Hooliganism

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Football Hooliganism Overview The destructive and unruly behavior of extraordinarily zealous football fans is referred to as football hooliganism. The participants of football hooliganism who support their respective football clubs demonstrate all kinds of violent behaviors including scuffling, sabotage and intimidation (Another sorry outbreak of the England disease, 2004). This behavior is most often based on the rivalry that exists between different football clubs or teams and can give rise to great conflicts once the matches have ended and sometimes even before that. Sometimes when these conflicts arise during the match at the stadium, the people who practice hooliganism are arrested by the police, meanwhile most of the times the supporters of the rival teams choose to confront each other at places that are far away from the stadiums so as to get away from the police arrests. Some immensely violent acts of hooliganism have been seen by the witnesses by these supporters of football. The conflicts that exist between these people can be as small as fistfights and sometimes so intense that these people make use of the deadly weapons against each other. The use of glass bottles, sports bats, pistols, knives, rocks and machetes has also been seen in football hooliganism. There have been cases in the past when hooliganism and conflicts inside the stadium during an ongoing football match resulted in panic and injuries were inflicted on the fans that were there. When these
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