Football Is My True Love Since It Has Changed My Life

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“Football is like life - it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.” These words of Vince Lombardi perfectly describes what it takes to be a player in the game of football. The first time my hands touched a football and my cleats touched the fresh cut grass, I knew that I was in love with the sport. After almost ten years of playing football it became more than just "a game". This is why I believe that football is my one true love since it has my changed my life in numerous ways and it has had an immense influence on my ideals and notions now.
When I was younger, my father and I used to go outside and play basketball together a lot. My dad had just purchased a brand new basketball because the old one was worn out like a bare tire. We always knew when it was time to get a new one since the ball would turn ashy orange. My dad loved basketball since he had been playing it all of his life and I believe he was in a way trying to pressure me into liking it just because he did. I remember him asking me passionately, “Boy, to play the game of basketball you have to have a passion for it. It has to be in your heart. Do you love the game?” At the time I was only eight or nine so I really did not fully comprehend what he was saying, but as a son, you would want to make your father proud. I replied in a nonchalant tone, “Yeah I guess so”.
My older cousin Michael came outside after my dad left asked me, “Hey, want to throw the
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