Football : My Personal Experience In High School Football

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Football is a sport I had learned to play growing up. I didn’t have a clue how complicated it was until I got into high school. It took me years until it I realized I was superior at being a wide receiver. I learned this by working harder than others, my willingness to learn, and my physical toughness. High school football is a competition to see who will work the hardest to earn their stripes. Every day I would come to the locker room 30 minutes early so I could a good workout in before practice. I did this every day for 3 weeks and increased my maximum squat weight by 30 pounds. I cared about my legs the most because I wanted to be able to outrun anybody on the field. During practice coach always made us do bleacher laps. You must have an amazing amount of stamina to be able to sprint up and down flights of stairs. While all the skinny boys that played at wide receiver were cheating themselves trying to catch a breather, I kept pushing myself to keep going without stopping. After weeks of cardio and heavy weightlifting I had gained 10 pounds of muscle by pushing myself and my urgency to not give up. Most people might think being a wide receiver is the easiest part on the team. It’s probably one of the hardest. There’s over 15 different routes that I ran that I had to know by heart. If you didn’t know what route to run when coach called the play you would make a fool out of yourself in front of the whole team. That’s what drove me a lot to learn the plays in general.
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