Football Observation

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The event is a professional football game on a Sunday afternoon between the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Browns. This showdown is happening at 1:30pm at the FedEx stadium. The Redskins played their first game in the FedEx stadium on September 14, 1997. On February 1, 1937, the Redskins were officially accepted into the National Football League as the new Washington Redskins. The Cleveland Browns joined the NFL in 1949. Sunday football is one of the most watched programs on television along with Monday night. Sunday football still remains the top sport watched on both ESPN and NBC. The desired section in the FedEx stadium is the standing section which is located behind one of the goal posts. On the opposite side, a huge screen revealed…show more content…
This is because I was able to observe a larger amount of people rather if I did an interview or questionnaire. With an interview, I am only learning through one perspective, which could be bias towards their favorite team. The same goes for a questionnaire. Both of these methods would not be suitable if I was looking at how people react to this particular part in this culture. With participant observation, you learn through people’s reactions and emotions, not robotic written answers. This way is more personable, which could be a good way to gain positive rapport if one decides on going to the same event again. Rapport is the relationship with other people, in an attempt to gain trust. I guess, however, interviews/questionnaires would be better for this situation if you wanted to see the reactions of the game results for a much larger audience. For example, a questionnaire could be set up at the exits of the stadium and ask participants questions regarding emotions or reactions on a scale from 1-10. Also, these two ways could be better if you do not want to necessarily participate in the event with other
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