Football Players's Rights Of Football Protest In The NFL Football Games

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At the start of an NFL preseason game in 2016, the media has been covering the nationwide debate over whether players protests are appropriate. Many football players opted to take a knee in protest to the current state of their nation at the start of their football games, as the national anthem played. Players like Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers participated in this peaceful protest, much to President Trump and his supporters dismay. But that’s to be expected, and the players are fully and fairly exercising their rights to free speech, granted to them by the First Amendment. This is proven by their nonviolent approach to protest, the First Amendment itself and the player’s rights to their free speech under it. There are various arguments to this belief, but they can be easily counter argued with the First Amendment and its description of free speech. Football players of the NFL kneeling in protest of the national anthem is an appropriate use of free speech, as they are entirely peaceful in what they choose to do. The first amendment grants citizens of America the right to gather peacefully to protest, and the freedom of expression all under freedom of speech. The case of football players is only about them refusing “[...] to stand for the national anthem” and nothing else. (Source A) They did not choose violence at all and were entirely compliant with the law and first amendment in their actions. This is unlike protests such as the protests against the shooting
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