Football Symbolism Essay

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With more than a billion watchers yearly, football is the biggest spectator sport on the planet. The popularity of football is based on the competitive nature of the game and the idea of being a fan. In addition to cheering for their team, fans inside or outside the stadium have a great deal to express. Football is seen by many as a stage to express their national personality, political association, ethnic pride, and religious belongings. This gives Football numerous qualities that make it something beyond a game to many. The symbolism of football clubs, players, and colors can mean for the fans a close feeling of having a place and personality. Also they are crystallized by the economic, social and political settings that surround communities associated with Football. Football all over the world depends on the masses, for its huge popularity. It is considered to be the game of the crowds. Football is a game of 12th side (11 players and the fans), which shows the important role of the football fans. Through football it is quite easy to grab the perception of identity in its ethnic, religious, and national borders. Archetti (1999) describes Football as a game that captures the notion of an imagined community perfectly. He suggests that when players are representing a nation, it is much easier to imagine the nation and confirm to the national identity. Football is seen as a game in which each team works as much as they can to occupy the territory of the other team by getting the ball into the goal. This makes the game announce a winner and a loser, not only inside the stadium. As football depends on the masses it becomes a stage for political activity. In the case of the ultras which they rely mainly on the jobless youth, in this sense it shows the collective identity and class struggle. Therefore the ability to channel and influence the ultras is appealing to the governing elite. Accordingly the political governments sent messages through using the fandom of football. For example Mubarak meant to associate his name through the national football team by attending matches in the stadium especially the final match of Africa cup of nations in 2006. In this way the NDP (National Democratic Party)
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