Football : The Effects Of Football Intolerance In Football

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Americans love football but, there's a problem with it which is intolerance. Football has been going through a period where intolerance has been off the charts. Players are bullying teammates and their competition in a multitude of ways. Coaches are turning a blind eye to what these young men are doing. Also society makes excuses for these players such as “their just kids” or “boys will be boys” It seems the intolerance in high school football players have for others is becoming part of the culture in today's world. Many times when a player or coach breaks rules it's team that gets punished when no one but that player or coach committed the infraction. It's wrong when a team gets punished for what few players did. Coaches, parents, and players have a moral responsibility to get involved with intolerance that occurs with high school football players.
High schools are dealing with a matter that should never be a problem: players bullying their own teams or in other terms, hazing. Many times freshman or junior varsity players will be made to carry pads or cones for dills by the varsity players, but that plas in comparison to what some high school team do. In New Jersey Sayreville high school six players were raped just because they were freshman while coaches did nothing but. Also as seen many times players and teams don't receive hard punishment the six players who competed the act have. to do 50 hours of community service, but avoided sentences of juvenile detention. This
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