Football : The History And Evolution Of Football

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Football is one of America’s most popular sports and has been for years. A vast number of people watch football every Saturday or Sunday to chant and root on their favorite home team. Out of all of the football fans across the world, about only half of them really know the true history of this beautiful game. Many sports today is just another part of someone’s daily life, it is easy to forget that just over 120 years ago, a majority of the sports that we take for granted were not even in existence. The history of the modern sports details is an evolution, from games being first played for entertainment to a business battling one another in power and size. Football, in particular, the National Football League, has been around for over one-hundred years having resulted in many changes for the sport on how it is played and perceived in the popular eye because of new and improved equipment, the introduction of the instant replay, the creation of the passing game, the no huddle offense, referees communicating through wireless devices, and through the efforts to increase player safety. A major change in the National Football League that effected the game forever was the introduction of the instant replay which began early four decades ago with a man and a stopwatch. The NFL first experimented with instant replay in 1976 by a man named Art McNally, whom was the director of officiating then. It all began when McNally wanted to know how long a video review would delay a football

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