Football: The Most Popular Sport in the World

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Initially it started as a combination of rugby and soccer but now modified to a defined form with a specific set of codes. Football in the European context is a game played with 11players and a spherical ball which must be driven into a goal to score points. Players must be agile, strong and quick on their feet. When referring to football in American or in more of a western context, it differs when it comes to shape of the ball as ellipsoid ball is used here and players must be large and powerful and wearing protective equipment as usage of sheer power is required here. Apart from being a popular sport, football also generates a great amount of revenue. Football is a simple structure, it expresses human nature – running and kicking wildly. It doesn’t have any financial barriers, rich or poor all you need is ball and a field and you can even manage goal posts with sticks and stones. It avoids physical constraints, tall or short, thin or fat you can play football, basically it eliminates none. And moreover it is a team sport, so it includes drama, emotion, pride, etc… These are some main reasons for anyone to adapt football easily and thereby, making it ride high on popularity and revenue.
Football is of different as stated before mainly, association football and American football and focusing on association football, it is the most common or general form of…
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