Football Vs. Basketball

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Playing sports was the highlight of my childhood (BE12). My friends and I played pretty much every sport there was to play. All the seasons flowed together. The day after football was over, we were all shooting hoops and playing basketball. As we all grew up, some of us are still busy with sports in every season of the year. Others of us chose to stick with one or two sports. Football and basketball, until this year, were the two sports that I chose to stick with (SC11). However, these two sports are very different from one another. For starters, football and basketball are different because of the different types of conditioning needed to play each sport. With football, I am constantly having to push against someone. This is very physically exhausting. Just straight up running will not get anyone in shape for a game. They will still be tired, no matter how much they might have ran. The opposite goes for basketball. Basketball is a game where the players run up and down the court (BE11). No tackling, no hitting, and most of the time no pushing. This sport does require a lot of running. If someone were to run suicides or do laps in the gym, they would be really helping themselves to get in shape. This is the opposite of football. I know that whenever football was finished and I flipped my mind to basketball, I always felt like I was in good shape. I mean, I just got out of a sport. I would step on the court and just be gassed. Why was I so tired (BE7)?
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