Football in America

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Football in America by Jeannie Ray SPM/210 - SOCIO-CULTURAL ELMNTS OF SPORT: PLAYING WELL W/OTHERS DR DION DALY August 6, 2011 Football In America American football has a long legacy in American History. It can be traced back centuries to early European cutures, influenced through the years by multiple people, changed the rules and has become a National phenomenon for Americans. American football is over 100 years old and still going strong. It has inspired songs, movies and motivated individuals to great heights in their careers and lives. American football originated with its earlier form of play that derived from a variation of the sport Rugby in 1892. There are mentions of Native Americans playing…show more content…
The functionalist theory is based on shared values in a social order. “Deviance in sports, according to a functionalist approach, deviance occurs when an athlete rejects the goal of improving skills or the expectation that the means to achieve goals is to work harder than others.” (McGraw−Hill, 2007) According to conflict theory, economic interests and economic power by those who own the production in society control the social order. Those who are not wealthy lack the ability to conntrol the enforcement of rules and are identified as deviant compared to people with more wealth. It is also assumed that legal processes are formulated based around people with financial gain and not those on a lower income based. This gives them less power to resist the rules because their actions do not conform to the standards of the rule makers. “A problem with conflict theory is that deviance in sports is always assumed to be the result of biased norms and law enforcement processes controlled by wealthy owners and sponsors who convince everyone that their rules are the only rules.” (McGraw−Hill, 2007) Many sociologists use a constructionist approach which is based on interactionist and critical theories. It focuses on two seperate issues: the meaning people give to traits, actions and ideas and the ways that people use these to
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