Footballers, Are They Getting Paid Too Much

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Dear readers, with your current income, how many years does it take to earn 114,000? Does it take 10 or 25 or 50 years? If you answer 1 day, you must be Cristiano Ronaldo because it is the amount of money he gets DAILY. I bet everyone already knows about how big is the footballer income and moans how it unfair is the life. You maintain the order, defense the motherland, save people by risking yours, developing technology for better future etc., but your income is nowhere near the person whose job is running and kicking the ball. At first thought, you condemn and complain how the system of life sucks so much. But, let 's give it a second thought by assessing if they really worth the money.

Let 's take a vote, does the footballers really
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Frequently, such background makes an easy excuse to grant them the big payment and freedom to have the life they have never experienced without knowing it is the most enjoyable path to destruction. Let 's take Ronaldinho as example. Just when he reached his peak in career, he began to be disoriented. The bright spotlight, money, admiration, luxury, and elite life were beyond his childhood imagination. Then the downfall began. He was tempted to attend flickering night life, spending money without worry of starving at next day, and other luxuries he couldn 't afford back then in Brazil. And why was he tempted to do so? Because he had money. The money pours into his account like torrential rain, an amount which he has never seen before. Well it tells us, however bad is the background, however pitiful is the past experience; overpaid salary is not an excuse to allow footballer earns such big money.

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If we talk about the invidual with big revenue, the field which pops out of our mind is athlete and entertainment. Movie star and singer earn more money than any athlete in the world but that is where the logic is distorted once again. The celebrity could still earn money through advanced years while the case isn 't the same for athlete. Al Pacino is currently one of the senior actor and he still could live himself from film industry for 40 years since his debut in tender age. Paul McCartney can still sing
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