Footlocker: A Company Overview Of The Global Shoe Industry

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The shoe industry consists of companies engaged in the manufacturing of shoes such as dress shoes, sneakers, slippers, boots, galoshes, sandals and athletic and trade related shoes. The industry also includes shoe parts such as shoe laces, buckles, clasps, inner soles, heels and padding. The shoe industry excludes leather stock for shoes, classified in Textiles & Leather Goods. For this paper, I will be explaining the shoe industry statistics, the demographics of who spends the most on shoes, the most popular shoe stores, the most popular shoe brands, facts and more! As listed in my outline, the Global Footwear Industry annual revenue is $52,175,000,000. The annual United States consumer shoe spending is $29,750,000,000. The total number of…show more content…
Footlocker was founded on September 12, 1974 in the City of Industry located in the State of California by Frank Winfield Woolworth. The City of Industry is an industrial suburb of Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles County, California. This city is the home to over 2,500 businesses and 80,000 jobs, but only 219 residents according to the 2010 census (down from 777 residents in 2000), the city is almost entirely industrial. It was incorporated on June 18, 1957 to prevent surrounding cities from annexing industrial land for tax revenue. There is a total 3,363 stores worldwide. Footlocker has a total of 44,113 employees working at their stores. Footlockers revenue recorded in 2014 is $7.151 billion. In 2014, the operating income of footlocker was $809 million. The total net income of Footlocker in 2014 was $520 million. Footlocker’s total assets was $3.577 billion in 2014. Finally, Footlocker’s total equity in 2014 was $2.496 billion. These statistics were from 3 years ago and I couldn’t even imagine what they are now. In my opinion, Footlocker is the best shoe store to get shoes because of the wide selection of shoes to choose from. Footlocker is my favorite store because they are more focused on fashion, rather than most shoe retailers. Footlocker’s stock price is also high when stacked up against the competitors. With all of that being said, Footlocker is most definitely in the lead of other known store
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