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Foot Locker A case study Part I Table of Contents 1. Table of Contents Page 2 2. Performance Assessment Page 3-4 3. Financial Analysis Page 4-5 4. SWOT Analysis Page 5-8 5. References Page 9 6. Appendices Page 10-14 Performance Assessment Foot Locker Inc. was first introduced to the retail market place in 1974 (1). Since it’s entry into the market it has grown tremendously. It now has close to four thousand stores in the US and nineteen other countries around the world (1). Foot Locker’s focus group is males and females ages twelve to twenty and plans it’s locations around that demographic (1). Foot Locker keeps itself looking attractive to the young people by offering a…show more content…
Now this is not a huge difference but it is enough. If you bundle Finish Line’s bid for Genesco with their lead in their P/E Finish Line seems to be winning the race. When a company out performs you no matter how big they are it can mean trouble. Large corporations were once small and they can fall just as fast as they rose to the top. As far as stock ratings go neither one of the companies has had better than a Hold rating by any major analyst all year. Foot Locker is currently at Neutral rating and Finish Line has the Hold. Yahoo Finance has a rating of 1-5, one being Strong Buy and 5 being Sell and Both Finish Line and Foot Locker have a 2.8 rating. What this information implies is that big or small your company if in the Service Sector for Apparel Stores, namely footwear, is struggling right now. Looking at the past three years Foot Locker has grown every year but is recently slipping due to a failing US economy where 1400 of its 3800 stores, or approximately thirty seven percent, are located. SWOT ANALYSIS Every company has a set of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Even Foot Locker with its dismal situation in the United States still has strengths and opportunities. When doing any type of company analysis these categories need to be considered for they can be a clear indicator if this particular organization has a possible future. SWOT analysis involves specifying the objective of the business venture

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