Essay about Footloose Comparison

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Dr. Faucette
English 111
October 14, 2013

Footloose “While the 1984 original is hardly a perfect film, New Footloose has some hefty shoes to fill,” as stated by Benjamin Wood. The original movie and new make of the movie Footloose are perfect examples of change in pop culture. In my essay, I have decided to compare and contrast the values and characteristics of these two movies. From the first to the second there are the same basic ideas, but so many differences in the characters and events. Christ Lemire describes the old Footloose as a “flood of fond memories” for anyone who grew up in the 1980s. This movie was a true symbol of the growth of pop culture during this time. The main character, played by Kevin Bacon, was a bad boy
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Unlike the first, the boy actually lost his mother from a battle with cancer. This shows how different our world is today. It also shows his motivation behind his urge to dance and his movement against the council in the town. The second movie has the same script and outline as the first. The difference is the way the characters walk, talk, and act. They wear clothes that are more dated to our pop culture now. Also this movie is different in the fact that nowadays it would be very rare and very uncommon for a city to ban dancing. Have you seen Miley Cyrus lately? I mean she isn’t the first to do something crazy. In my opinion, this second movie is viewed and focused more along the lines of the love story between the boy and the rebellious girl. The film and the tunes were intertwined to create a pop-culture phenomenon unlike any we're likely to see anymore, outside of perhaps "Glee," simply because we consume entertainment so differently 27 years later (Lemire). I personally love the second one, but it wasn’t a big deal to everyone like the first was. I never even knew about it until it came on the television one day while I was bored watching TV. Our culture today is more worried and focused on other things. No one cares about old timey tales of little things that government or church kept us from doing. Everyone pretty much does what they want to. It’s odd that we live in a world that needs two Footlooses (Wood). The first movie managed to dance its way into the
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