Footloose The Musical Summary

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1. Plot To begin with, the story Footloose the Musical unfolds with a teenage boy named Ren McCormack who lives in Chicago. One of the main hobbies of Ren McCormack is dancing, who plays a critical role throughout the story. The rising actions became with Ren McCormack’s father abandoning the family. Due to that, the family has to move to a small town where the sister of Ren McCormack’s mother lives. The town puts more emphasis on spiritual life while monitoring all events that occur in the town cautiously. In the town, Ren McCormack is having a tough time fitting with other people in the town. While that is happening, he discovers that there is a law which bans dancing of any type or any time which is set by local minister Reverend Shaw Moore. At that time, he also learns from Ariel's (Reverend Shaw Moore’s daughter) friends about an accident resulting in the death of four teenagers that occurred 5 years ago. Due to this incident, dancing in the town has been prohibited. Gradually, Ren starts connecting with the other teenagers in the town while also building a strong friendship with Ariel. With the help of Ariel and Willard (Ren’s best friend), Ren convinces the teenagers how dancing is not harmful, and it should not be prohibited, and they should tell their concern to Reverend Shaw Moore. After many attempts, the teenagers in the town were able to convince Reverend Shaw Moore that the town should heal from a tragedy that happened five years ago. In the end, Reverend Shaw
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