Footprint Case

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As I enter the crime sense I notices a right-handed hand print on the wall. There was a mop and bucket on over in the other side of the room and the floor was soaked so we could see the footprints on the floor. As I looked more carefully I could see that there were three different types of footprints. Footprint “y” goes from the mop and bucket to behind the cash register. Footprint “a” leads the kitchen and footprint “x” comes from the wall and it looks like he had stopped because there are prints that are right beside each other and then he starts moving again. Another thing that caught my eye was the placement silverware B and D has the silverware on the right side and C has it on the left. Something else that I see is that the cash register is left wide open. If you add the recites of B, C, and D they add up to the $8.75. Based on the evidence I believe that the murderer is “C”. The reasoning for knowing that the murderer is “C” is because he is left handed and there was a right hand print on the wall. So that means…show more content…
The handprint on the wall is a right hand so that means that the shooter is left handed. Costumer “A” his foot print lead to the kitchen has if he was sneaking out. Footprint “Y” is Ernie’s because his prints lead from the bucket and water and than behind the cash register. Then we are left with footprint “X” they are the shooters because the footprint comes from the wall where the handprint is and they move over to the body. From the looks of it B, C, and D were together because they sat by each other and if I add their checks up it equals the $8.75. The other think that lead me to believe that customer “C” is the murderer is that he was the only one out of the three that had his silverware and cup on the left side so he is left handed. So using the rules can help us see that the murderer is customer

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