Footsteps To Success Research Paper

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From Camp Olympia in May to “Footsteps to Success” in July, I have grown as a person. I can say that my management has completely changed. I am now able to change my schedule to fit what needs to be done for work, home, and my other commitments. I also became more fit through the program. Being a counsellor requires a lot of physical exertion right when the day starts until the very end. But I believe the biggest accomplishment I received from this program is acceptance. Our camp is incredibly diverse; consisting of Syrian, African-Canadian, Sri Lankan, and many more backgrounds. Being exposed to different cultures and habits allowed me to see the world in a bigger, less self-centred way. I helped me see that there is so much more to discover outside of…show more content…
My “Footsteps to Success” branch – St. Timothy CS – is the newest. As a matter of fact, this year is its first year. It is affiliated to the Toronto Catholic District School Board and Malvern Family/Community Resource Centre. “Footsteps to Success” is a place where the kids are taught based on the Ministry’s Student Success initiatives, Safe Schools Bill, and Equity and inclusive Education Strategy. It is a free camp, used as an investment to the community by building up children to become educated and aware civilians. The camp provides three programs: art, leadership, and sports. Art is where kids are able to express themselves through art, music, dance, and drama activities. Leadership is a place for the kids to see that they are able to make a positive impact no matter how small they think they are. In my camp, we are currently doing fundraisers for support Canadian Council for Refugees via Canadian Red Cross. In sports, kids are able to remain active and healthy by playing a variety of games. It is a place for everyone – staff, volunteers, campers, coordinators – to grow and find greater identification and
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