Footwear Design Of Shoes And Shoes

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Footwear design is the name of this career field. Footwear designing is another form of fashion designing but with shoes. Footwear design includes the design of shoes and creation of shoes and several other types and styles. Footwear designing allows people to show and express their creativity through shoes. Footwear designers use art and creativity through shoes to influence the world. I believe that I have new ideas that would make an impact on the world through fashion.

According to Shoe History and Facts, “Advancements in the science industry and fashion enabled shoes to reach its popularity at the start of the 19th century. Sneakers, stilettos, kitten shoes, court shoes and even cowboy boots became popular across the entire world, creating great rise of the shoe industry and the creation of thousands of designs and models of every shoe imaginable.” (SH&F, pg1) Several different kinds of shoes would start appearing, evolving and disappearing according to the popular shoe trends at that time. In a few cases, government laws regarding footwear – extremely pointed shoes were banned from use by many different countries. In present day times, vast majority of the people using or wearing certain type of shoes every day, never knowing about the history of the shoes’ incredible journey through the ages and changes of time. With such strong history behind the shoe and its undeniable usefulness, it is not so hard to imagine that shoes will not continue to evolve and remain with
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