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INternational Management | Case Study 1 | Footwear International | | Brandon Hingtgen | 3/24/2013 |


This case study of Footwear International demonstrates the cultural differences in society. It shows the consequences when a society, like Bangladesh, get interpreted the wrong way by the people. John Carlson from Footwear International experienced an innocent mishap within his company, which had disrespected many people. He needs to let the people know that it was an honest mistake and that Footwear International will do whatever it takes to correct the problem. Footwear International is a multinational manufacturer and marketer of footwear that has 83 companies in 70 different countries. One of these locations is
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At this time Carlson had contacted the designer who was of Bengali Moslem decent. The design was inspired by a Chinese temple bell, and was approved by many others who were also of Bangladeshi decent. Footwear Bangladesh was then being associated with Israel and their Jewish heritage, which was an enemy of earlier conflicts in the Muslim religion. The newspaper had printed false allegations on the religious backgrounds of Footwear Bangladesh. The university group of students wanted to add to the volatile situation, by calling for a demonstration that would take place at the mosque. A local lawyer had come into place to file a statement to light Section 295 of the Criminal Code. The lawyer was of Bangladesh decent and also an Islamist sought to accuse four people within Footwear Shoe Company, all of which were non-Bangladesh born. The statement was filed on the same exact day as the article was written, was written to accuse them of deliberately wanting to outrage the religion of Muslims by engraving the calligraphy of “Allah”. This was said to offend the religious feelings of the millions of Muslims, and were supposed to do whatever it takes to protect the sanctity of “Allah. After thoroughly reading this article and breaking down the actions in this case, it is to be said that external forces played a powerful role, and took the opportunity to exploit cultural awareness. The timeliness of the
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