For A While, I Was Unsure What Type Of Career In Medicine

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For a while, I was unsure what type of career in medicine I wanted until I witnessed my first surgery. A valve replacement was the first surgery I have ever witnessed. The dedication and intricate work that the surgeon and his team put forth to save the patient’s life instantly fascinated me. Throughout the surgery, the doctor remained focused and worked diligently with the team, almost in a synchronous matter. The surgeon not only maintained being in charge of the operating room, but he was also able to work efficiently with the team at the same time. Witnessing the surgery changed me and instantly made realize that I wanted to not only be in the surgery room, but to be the surgeon. The entire process compelled me to look more into…show more content…
I was determined to succeed at the thing I loved, and it showed in my grades. I went from possibly ending my college career early, to Dean’s list and my last semester of college a 3.8 GPA. Even though I graduated with my undergrad in biology already, I plan to fix my misjudgments I had by retaking some of the classes I did poorly in over the summer. I am determined to show I am serious about my education and succeeding. I want to improve my knowledge of these important subjects so that it may aid me in my future education and career. My education at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown has provided me with necessary experience to be successful at the BMP. My undergrad has taught me that I thoroughly enjoy learning about new things from all different aspects. Or my upper divisional science courses I decided to focus on medically related classes. I took a physiology course which I became immediately intrigued by. The course taught me much of the human body and other animals that have never learned before. The lab for this course granted me the ability to take the heart rates of humans and other animals by using stethoscopes to investigate the dive reflex. We also completed case study assignments where we would use what we learned in class and applied it to a patient’s symptoms and test results to diagnose them with a condition. The complexity of the human body amazed me, and I found myself

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