For An Adolescent, The Environment Seems To Heavily Influence

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For an adolescent, the environment seems to heavily influence his or her social and emotional development- at least in the short-run. I think the most obvious piece of evidence is the growing importance that teens place on their peers. According to the textbook, adolescents place a greater importance on “acceptance, self-disclosure, and mutual understanding in their friendships.” Friendships are undeniably important to adolescents, which serve as a source of social and emotional stability. Without solid relationships, teenagers may find it difficult to make it through a school day. As everybody knows, your friends shape who you are and what you do. Furthermore, according to the textbook, peers reinforce behaviors that an individual engaged…show more content…
The textbook cites multiple experiments, including the “three-mountains test.” Piaget seemed to support his theory with data, and he more or less developed the foundation for which we think about cognitive development. Moreover, psychologists credit his theory with focusing more on qualitative rather than quantitative measures (McLeod). I would agree that cognitive development has more to do with actions and conceptual thinking than numbers. I think your brain should be measured on its ability to engage in the environment, process information, and make rational assumptions. B. While Piaget’s view was well-supported, I think Lawrence Kohlberg’s theory of moral development lacks evidence. The reasoning behind his views are anecdotal, and even ambiguous. I can agree with the first three stages of moral development, but I find the last three controversial. Kohlberg thought that very few people reached stage 5 or 6. From my experience, however, I think most people are in or near stage 5 of Kohlberg’s theory (though this could be because I grew up in a Western, liberal, and developed environment). This stage explains that while people understand that laws work for the greater good, it may conflict with the interest of an individual. I think most people understand that laws keep our society safe and orderly, but that they can also be broken when laws are questionable or for the sake of an individual. Is a

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