For John Who Legs Me Not To Enquire Further Essay

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Anne Sexton’s "Her Kind” and “For John Who Begs Me Not To Enquire Further” have both similarities and differences that make each poem emotionally and visually unique. Both poems use similar techniques when it comes to message that Sexton is trying to deliver to the reader. This technique includes the use of intense imagery so that the reader can visualize the situation that Sexton felt that she was in. This technique also uses Sexton’s tone to express to the reader the emotions that she felt in that exact moment. In contrary to the similar technique used in each poem, when it comes to the specific aspects of imagery, tone, and message are completely different from one another. Although, “Her Kind” and “For John Who Begs Me Not to Enquire Further” are similar when it comes to tying tone, and imagery together and transforming them into a message for the reader, the types of imagery, tone, and message that each individual poem has are very different from one another.…show more content…
The message in “Her Kind” is based off of criticism and the portrayal of individual who breaks the status quo. In addition, Sexton expresses to the reader that breaking the status quo is who she is and that now that she has been through so much criticism she is no longer afraid to be criticized. In contrary, the message in “For John Who Begs Me Not To Enquire Further” emphasizes on who each poem is for. Sexton states that her poems are merely for herself; however, if someone were to learn from her poems and change his or her life for the better, then she would be glad that it did. Both messages that were conveyed throughout “Her Kind” and “For John Who Begs Me Not To Enquire Further” shows bravery and activism, but are very different when it comes down to the core values of individualism and self-awareness that each poem is trying to deliver to the
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