For Many Americans, President Trump’S Election Has Become

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For many Americans, President Trump’s election has become a glorified blame-game. This upset in a widely considered “already won” election, left many pointing fingers at groups who they believed were responsible for electing our current Commander-in-Chief. As with Brexit earlier in 2016, Trump’s unsuspected victory has been largely attributed to the working- and middle-class’s fear of being “left behind” by globalization (Frankel 2016). Trump’s campaign actively addressed this concern by focusing on “putting America first,” cutting ties that made us less autonomous (i.e. the Trans-Pacific Partnership) and raising the working-class by returning manufacturing jobs that had been outsourced or “taken” by immigrants (Kohn 2016). In this study,…show more content…
While globalization profits the manufacturing industry at large by providing cheaper labor, many—including Trump—argue that it takes jobs away from Americans. In Trump’s “7 Point Plan to Rebuild the American Economy by Fighting for Free Trade,” he stated that he would withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)—which he has now done—because it would “undermine our independence” (Trump). I rationalized that Trump’s stance of the TPP—and globalization in general—could lead individuals working in manufacturing to prefer Trump over Clinton, whose position on the TPP fluctuated throughout the campaign. However, this causal logic for explaining vote distribution depends on the assumption that for individuals in the manufacturing industry, Trump’s position on this topic was their primary concern. By looking at the data, it is clear that my initial hypothesis was incorrect. Despite Trump’s stance on globalization, there is no significant correlation between the percentage of a county that works in the manufacturing industry and Trump’s share of the two-party vote in that county. Although there was a weak positive slope of 0.22 between percentage of a county’s population in the manufacturing industry and Trump’s share of the two party-vote in that county, the results were inconclusive as the correlation between these two variables was a mere 0.098. However, one noticeable trend in the graph is that while the vote-share in counties
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