For Many Human Beings, It Is Natural To Go Through Multiple

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For many human beings, it is natural to go through multiple partners throughout our lifespans. As we go through these relationships, we learn many important lessons from our past mistakes and improve on them. Sometimes we even go to songs for guidance and find meaning to these emotions that we feel after these breakups. Often to remedy this,we go to the songs that speak to us the most as “Lyrics lend people an alternative means for finding words to convey their otherwise inaccessible memories, emotions, and thoughts”(Gladding 212). There is a reason why some artists are more popular than the rest as their lyrics speak more deeply. Take Adele for example, this Soul/Pop artist is world renown for singing about relationships so deeply, that…show more content…
A Typology for Analyzing Pop Song Lyrics Using Narrative Theory and Semiotics.” In this academic article Randle and Evans concluded that an open undefined narrative can be seen when, “no cues exist as to the time or sequencing of events or a specific setting.”(Randle and Evans 137) However, what these songs lack in events and settings, these songs seem to be brimming with hermeneutic code where questions arise at every line: What happened in the past? Why does she keep asking for forgiveness? Why doesn’t she just move on? Questions arising from the lyrics like these, are why Adele’s songs are labeled as an opened undefined narrative. A narrative where the audience has to make assumptions about what has happened in the past to cause these complicated relations to result. Although we may eventually learn what Adele’s songs may be about, we may also learn how her relationships work. Through Ty Tashior and Oatricia Frazier’s academic article Personal growth following romantic relationship breakups, it could be seen that women usually learn at least one attribute from their past relationships. When asked from researchers what they’ve learned,common exemplars of frequently mentioned responses include, “Through breaking up I found I can handle more on my own.” “I’ve learned what I do and don’t want in a romantic partner.” “I’ve gained Better communication skills” “I am more confident.” (Tashior and Oatricia 120). All of these responses are mentioned by normal
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