For Most Of My High School Career Chosen To Be A Part Of

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For most of my high school career chosen to be a part of the band program. From a very young age, music has been a part of my life in every direction. Both my older sisters brought me into this ever-changing musical World where I found solace and enjoyment from hard work. However, as I got older it became apparent that my peers saw me as a responsible individual and thought it 'd be best I ran for a leadership position within the band program. At first, my goal was just to help those around me to become a better musician and for them to grow as not only people but to become good role models for next year 's incoming freshman. As this marching season, one on it became apparent that people do not like those in higher positions than them. Our…show more content…
Let others get caught up in the twists and turns of the battle, relishing their little victories. Grand strategy will bring you the ultimate reward: the last laugh." (Greene 13) For the beginning of any season we have had we start out strong but in the end, we falter being pushed over but the defeats we had. Simple disputes between who should be on what part and who can play there part well. After a while I wear you down, every day becomes a miniature battle and the more battles you lose the weaker you become. In the eyes of people, physically, and mental you succumb to the weakness from your defeats. Overall when you are in a leadership position you have to keep the end goal in mind. 7 “Transform your war into a crusade: Morale strategies- The secret to motivating people and maintaining their morale is to get them to think less about themselves and more about the group. Involve them in a cause, a crusade against a hated enemy. Make them see their survival as tied to the success of the army as a whole.”(Greene 11) The band 's goal was to make state preliminary and move on to state finals. However because of social disputes and lack of maturity we could not go forward without plans. From a position of authority and being upperclassmen I have done everything in my power to reach that ultimate goal of getting to State finals. As a person in a leadership role, I tested my peers on Maneuvers and skills that they 've

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