For My Cultural Identity As A Greek-American

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For my cultural Identity, I identify as a Greek-American. My culture can be seen in food, Education, religion, language , music, art, dance, history, and architecture. All of these things can be combined into one thing, my culture's morals. I say this because with everything we do we think about what our parents or grandparents would say, how if affects others, and how it affects our reputation. Whenever have a fork in the rode and I need to make a decision, I always think upon my culture's morals to make the right decision.

One big part of my cultural is our history. As may of us know some things about our culture's history, we are looked upon to know as much as we can possibly find about ourselves. Our parents and grandparents say this because they don't want any part of our culture to fade away. This is represented everywhere I go. In our church we have greek school where we learn about how the church came about, customs, and ancient greece, even sometimes how to speak greek. This is also encouraged outside of the church just in our homes. This was extremely important when I was little. We would frequently watch what seemed to be very boring ‘greek history’ shows that made my 5 year old self wonder why we watched them. This was ‘fun’ for my grandparents but now I realised the reason why we watched them was because they were proud of who they were. All this sums up into how education is so important to everyone in our culture.

Another big part of the first thinks
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