For My Second Practicum, I Wrote Two Lesson Plans Because

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For my second practicum, I wrote two lesson plans because I wanted to allow my student to choose what book he wanted to read. I planned a shared reading lesson over The Story of Henny Penny by Richard Carson and an interactive reading lesson over I Think I Forgot by Mercer Mayer. Planning for two different books was not difficult, but I had to keep in mind that my student was only going to have the opportunity to read one of the books, and in the end, my student chose to read The Story of Henny Penny. For this shared reading lesson, I followed the steps for a shared reading by Gail E. Tompkins (2014). I had to adjust and adapt the steps slightly because I only see my student once a week for forty minutes which means I don’t have…show more content…
Reread the story. 5. Continue the process. 6. Students read independently. If I had more time or saw my student more frequently, I would make sure to include these steps during a shared reading lesson. After I planned the shared reading portion of the lesson, I planned a short writing activity where my student would have the opportunity to write down the three main events from the story. The teaching part of this lesson went in a totally different direction than I had planned. After the picture walk, my student showed a deep interest in trying to read the book out loud on his own, and I made the decision to let my student give the book a try. Since this book was a level above what my student’s level, I figured that after a page or so he would want me to take over the reading. That is not what happened though. My student read the entire book on his own with minimal error! This slight change in my lesson plan meant that I was no longer teaching a shared reading lesson, but rather a guided reading lesson. After my student finished reading, we proceeded with the lesson I had planned. We discussed the story, what happened, what plot was, and then the plot of this story. Then he used the story cards to retell the story. I labeled clothes pins with numbers one through six and had them on a piece of yarn to symbolize that the events on the card happened in order to form a whole story. After that we moved on to the writing

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