For Our Project We Mainly Focused On The Data Gathered

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For our project we mainly focused on the data gathered from a student survey located on the course website as a link. The data set is based on surveys gathered from students in a Statistics class during the first week of class. The survey took place at the University of Washington and it contains information that pertains to qualitative and quantitative components about each student’s academic standing. For example, it addresses their class standing, G.P.A., and other various components. The data set is filed as student.csv and it contains nine columns and 812 rows. The first column is based on the following four different semesters: 9, 10, 11, and 12. Semester 9 occurred in the Fall of 2007, 10 represents semester of Spring 2008, 11…show more content…
Our graphs show that the number of students for each semester is pretty even, but there is a slight difference since semester 10 displayed more students than 9, 12, and 11. Our total sample size was 812 students and there was an average of 10.46 with a standard deviation of 1.12 and standard error of 0.03912. The next variable we measured was the number of years in which each student has been attending the university and it varied from 1 to 5. A large majority of the students were in year 1 or 2, which skewed the data to the left. The average year was 1.58 with a standard deviation of 0.86 and the standard error of 0.03. For our third variable, we constructed a histogram for height (in.). Our graph almost represented a normal curve distribution since most of students are found in the range 60-75 inches tall. The average height of the students was 67.57 inches with a standard deviation of 4.30 inches, and a standard error that was as low as 0.15 inches. We also used their weight to construct a separate histogram, but they were a few blank spaces due to not everyone wanting to participate in this portion of the survey. Our graph shows that the data is skewed to the right due to a majority of the students in the range of 100-200 pounds, which seems relatively normal. The average weight of the students was 150.65 pounds with a standard deviation of 33.06 pounds which is quite large actually, since there was a variety of weight
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