For-Profit Colleges

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You ever watch television and see the commercials for colleges and hear the people say “this college changed my life” or hear that the school has classes for the major your interested in. Then you get the urge to go back to school and you see that there’s not much requirements to get into these schools as long as you have money for tuition. Those are what you call for-profit schools. Now the question is are these schools actually good for you? Can they help you in the long run or just give you classes and you’re on your own after you get the degree. I feel that for-profit schools should not be federally regulated because these colleges provide opportunities for students ignored and rejected by traditional colleges, they provide flexibility…show more content…
They offer a lot of classes online and during hours that some other colleges may not be open. Most for-profit schools classes are in sessions and not just spread out throughout the day. “The Art Institute of Pittsburgh runs three sessions a day: from 8am until noon, 1pm until 5 pm and 6pm until 10pm.” Classes like this will benefit those who can’t find a babysitter or who needs to take an extra class to get the degree they want but have a 9-5 job. Another thing is the classes aren’t as long as the traditional schools. In a traditional school you may have to take a class for four or five months. In for-profit schools the classes may last from five to nine weeks. Now that may not seem like a good idea but these classes help those students to plan their life around their schedule. Once again with government regulations it may be against the law to have classes after a certain time of day or some classes it may be mandatory to be in class and not online and then it messes with people schedule. “At a time when American public higher education is cutting budgets, laying people off, and turning away students, the rise of for-profit universities has been meteoric.” If other colleges are turning down students how will the graduation rate increase like President Obama wants it to. We need these for-profit schools to help the economy and to get more people educated and working.“Enrollment in the country’s nearly 3,ooo career colleges has grown
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