For Targeting New Customers, What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using These Social Networks Compared to Search Engine Advertising?

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Module 4 Assignment 1: Discussion – Mission Statements
Lex Adams
Marketing Planning & Strategy

Think about an online social media network like Facebook or LinkedIn. For targeting new customers, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using these social networks compared to search engine advertising?
Provide specific examples of products that lend themselves more to social networks as compared to search engine advertising.

I am going to use the quote, “it takes a village” and put into the context on how social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn can influence a consumer’s values, decision making, and preference. For example, Facebook has morphed into a global, networking site where people with similar and different
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According to Facebook: 1) over 800 million active users and more than 50 percent log onto Facebook on a daily basis; 2) average user has 130 friends; 3) average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events; 4) nearly 900 million objects (pages, groups, etc,) that people interact with; 5) around 75 percent of Facebook users are outside of North America (Facebook, 2011). With these staggering statistics in regards to social network usage, it makes sense for companies to try and capitalize on the social media wave through social media optimization.
Social Media Optimization (SMO) has become more and more popular for companies to target new customers. Social media provides people and companies with the ability to: 1) participate and become active in discussions; 2) communicate with peers and also with companies by being able to express their opinions; 3) build trust between companies and their target; 4) form communities between users and companies who have similar interests (Casmer, 2011). The use of SMO goes hand-in-hand with Kotler’s
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