For The Last Couple Of Decades, The Evolution Of Cell Phones

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For the last couple of decades, the evolution of cell phones has happened fast, and it has happened right before our eyes. The memories about having a house phone with a cord on a table or attached to the wall are still on my mind. Nowadays, however, a person needs only one device to do different things at the same time, when in the past one needed three different devices to be able to do their things, and it was time-consuming. Not everybody has adapted to the new era of cell phones. There are still people who think cell phones are more damaging than beneficial, but the truth is, it can be both. When one looks at the bigger picture, there are more positive aspects than negative ones and, in my belief, the most important one is the…show more content…
One memory that stays on my mind is when my mother started working for Avis, a rental car company; the first thing the company gave her was a cell phone --not a laptop or a printed manual-- a cell phone. This cell phone is the pathway for my mother to connect with all the other operators in other Avis’ offices around the country and to recieve calls from customers if they need assistance because of a “sinister” (name the company gave to car accidents and other issues). Another benefit mobile phones have brought is the evolution of education: no more expending loads of time in the library. Students have access to all the information in the world only a touch away. Even if one does not own a computer, it is mostly certain that they own a mobile device. Even if one is having trouble with an assignment, they are a call away from a solution: they can call a classmate and, possibly, a teacher. If one did their assignment in the book instead of on a sheet of paper, no problem; take a picture with the cell phone and email it to the professor. These are little perks that come with mobile devices. Nowadays the so called “cell phone culture” has made a mobile device indispensable in the daily life, one could say that is part of their anatomy. The accessibility, portability and freedom movement of movement cell phones possess, have empowered this device to take over society (Goggin). However, not everybody thinks the same

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