For The Last Two Decades, Human Rights Advocacy And The

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For the last two decades, human rights advocacy and the documentation of human rights abuse have embodied naming and shaming, a tactic that attempts to subvert notorious human rights abusers as well as coerce local state powers into acting and condemning the abuse taking place within their state or region. Initially, the tactic proved to be remarkably effective, resulting in a “global outrage” towards human rights abuse and an increased pressure on governments to challenge the abuse taking place within their borders or within their actual political institutions (Zakaria 2014). “Naming and shaming” produced an increased proliferation in global awareness and constructed real accountability. But, as we have observed with the increased…show more content…
Additionally, Zakaria gives the example of two Nigerian women, who, under the violation of Sharia law, were sentenced to death. The media coverage given to this appalling event proliferated across the world and the resulting political pressure placed on the Nigerian government allowed for the eventual release of the two women and the protection of their lives. As Zakaria demonstrates, the act of naming and shaming was once widely successful, but with the rise of truly barbarous terrorist organizations, such as I.S.I.S. and the Taliban, the once successful international tactic is now nothing more than a means of adding fuel to an already burning flame. As anyone with access to social media has observed, the “sharing” of catastrophic images and videos of violence, perpetrated by the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations has proliferated, resulting in increased awareness and greater fear among the general public. Modern terrorist organizations deliberately film the atrocities they commit as a means of inciting fear worldwide. The burning flame that is contemporary terrorism is fueled by the dissemination of these violent images as well as the resulting fear that emerges from the general public, particularly in the Western world. In a world in

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