For The Majority Of People, It Is Understood Before High

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For the majority of people, it is understood before high school what the difference between sex and gender is. Sex refers to the biological differences at birth amongst males and females, but in today’s society the definition of gender is not so black and white. While the dictionary still incorrectly defines gender as, “the properties that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive roles” the current meaning and proper definition of the word gender has evolved (”Gender”). Breaking free from the constraints placed by society and the obsolete dictionary definition, this word has expanded and taken on an entirely new meaning that appropriately corresponds with the way it is presently being used and interpreted. The definition…show more content…
An example of how Americans see gender today is laid out perfectly by Caitlin Ryan, a social worker at San Francisco University, when she explains, “This generation views gender as a mark of self-expression — they view it as a way of displaying their full sense of self" (Kott). As the times continue to change and new ideas are implanted and accepted into our society words will also transform and take on new meanings. The walls put up by the basic definition of gender have over the years tarnished what it really means to be free and truly express yourself. Beloved actress Emma Watson, who is a leading activist for gender equality, recently stated in a speech for the Heforshe campaign, “It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals” (Griffiths). Over a long period of time, the categorizing of different people into groups solely based on their sex has unfortunately caused society to develop specific roles for each sex. These gender roles attempt to classify certain interests, hobbies, and even jobs to one specific sex and challenge those who oppose these unspoken rules, biting at their heels as they push against the grain. For example, a gender role commonly attributed to people who identify as female is that they enjoy cooking and cleaning. While females may or may not enjoy cooking and cleaning, this role is not exclusively for females. Identifying males can also

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